Sojay Haze Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 MCPG Happy Herbs 5.00
2 Phresh Start Oakridge 5.00
3 Nature's Medicines 4.72
4 Island Time Medicinals 0.00
5 Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum 0.00
6 The Gallery - Fife 4.81
7 Maxcy's 4.00
8 Tribute - Lansing 4.66
9 Kush Gardens 4.51
10 RISE Carlisle 4.94

Sojay Haze by Cresco Labs is a powerful sativa with uplifting attributes. Cresco Farms brought the famous BC Big Bud and the rare Grape FX together to create a sweet, satisfying flavor and deep physical effects. With pungent floral undertones and a bright citrus aroma, Sojay Haze offers uplifting physical energy and kind euphoria. Enjoy this strain to combat fatigue, appetite loss, and depression or as a helpful companion to physical activity. 


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Days To Flower : 0
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